We said "Yes" in 2016!

In 2016 we were given a unique opportunity to support local independent bars and restaurants with beverage and service. We said, "hell yes!" We've heard the complaints coming from the bar and restaurant business. As a small private company, we would be agile and smart enough to ease their burdens. Yet there was a bigger vision.

From that moment on, we felt a responsibility in our community to provide a better beverage. We believe in offering bars and restaurants a local craft soda alternative to "Big Soda".

Sky Pace • CEO  

Anthony Sloan • CFO

Alberto Silva • Co-founder

Beverages connecting with our community

To start, it was clear we could drop High Fructose Corn Syrup for Pure Cane and formulate a better tasting beverage. Next, we wanted to connect with the pride we feel for our community. So we branded our beverages to the unique Bay Area locations we love. We would make soda the 'good guy' again and give it the same respect as micro brewers show their brands. From those commitments arose Alameda Point Craft Soda Co.  

We're excited to further elevate the brand as we look at alternative sweeteners. We're also looking to reduce the sweetness in our beverages; in hopes to recapture and invite the folks that steer away from soda because it's "too sweet". We're also looking at in-house production of bottling Alameda Point Craft Soda in early 2020


Soda + Juice/Mixers